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Want To Know 5 Website Practices To Avoid Or Fix?

Even the most carefully crafted SEO and PPC online marketing campaign will fall on its own sword if it leads its visitors to an undesirable location. The “sword” in this instance is your website. New website visitors coming through search engines on keywords that seem like a blood relation toRead More

Want A Mobile Friendly Website?

Traffic coming through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is soaring. Searchlight Online is witnessing this directly using our customers Google Analytics Traffic Reports for both SEO and Google AdWords customers. Google Analytics allows you to separate hardware devices to see whether traffic is coming from PC’s and Laptop’sRead More

SEO Strategies After Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin update earlier this year was a major algorithm update that weilded the axe on many businesses enjoying top page rankings and receiving quality website traffic for their money-making keywords. Penguin was the second major algorithm update this year after the Panda update in February 2012. This sentRead More

The Internet Is Running Out Of Room!

With so many people using so many different devices to access the internet across the world the internet is actually running out of room! What do you mean running out of room? People are not only using computers, tablets and phones to access the internet, they now have devices suchRead More

Online Usage And Online Advertising In Australia – Facts, Figures & Forecasts

Over 10 millions Australian consumers use the internet every day Over 17 million Australians are online in some capacity – 80% of the population Australians spend on average 17.6 hours per week online, more time is now spent online than watching television Over 90% of consumers will not go pastRead More

The Essential Ingredients That Are Critical To Online Marketing Success

Your Website Your website must have compelling information that talks to your target market – writing, images and design must be tailored so it “connects” with this market, convinces and prompts your market to take more action, the next step in the buying process. Remember this – potential customers whoRead More